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We are Registered, Accredited and Approved Training Provider.

Certification has found its way into almost every industry for a reason: It helps advance the profession. Certification helps employers evaluate potential new hires, analyze job performance, evaluate employees, select contractors, market services, and motivate employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. Certificate holders benefit too. Certification gives recognition of competency, shows commitment to the profession, and helps with job advancement. There has been an explosive growth in professional certification.

Professional Certification helps one to:

  • Gain practical skills for the job, as it focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to perform real-world job responsibilities.
  • Realize maximum benefit from a wide range of expertise areas.
  • Learn all aspects of a specific type of career pursuit while also providing organization with a standard of assured excellence from these professionals
  • Effectively integrate these career pursuits into one’s specific work setting.

LEAM Consulting is Registered, Accredited and Approved Training Provider for the Resources Management Certification Institute (RMCI.UK) certification courses and most certification institutes in the UK and USA (PMI, HRCI). We offer quality training according to the global best practices in courses like: Human Resources Management (HRM), Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSE Level 1, 2 & 3), Project Management Professional (PMP), Customer Service and Relationship Management (CSRM), Digital Marketing (DM).

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